martes, 17 de julio de 2012

A DROP OF HOPE. (The last attempt)

A DROP OF HOPE. (The last attempt)

I... I love you, from the heart... and I miss you too much. I've changed. Yeah, I promise.
I'd never let you go. I know, I told you once and it wasn't real but this time it's true.
Yesterday I said that I wasn't gonna interfere between her and you, but I'm finding this almost inevitable. 
You tried to tell me what to do to be on the right track, but I turned a deaf ear. I'm sorry, I was wrong... Fool!

There'll not be words to say how I feel inside, this situation saddens to me.
By your side, nothing seemed impossible, nothing resisted to us. I was happy with you, and I lied when I said "I don't love you like I loved you before".
I know you don't trust me and maybe I'm forgotten... But I beg you to give me a last chance even though I don't deserve it.
I need your grace to wake up every morning before my heart stops or my last breath doesn't come.
I can't remember how does it fell to hug you, kiss you or touch you... All I can feel is pain.

Dignity or pride? Those are values I've lost.

Now I've got nothing to lose.

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